Rejection #20

Another personal one, this one from an anthology.  I’ll look at the story tonight, and send it out with the other one that needs to make the rounds.  This experiment is certainly making me see that acceptances take longer than rejections (that is, go through a longer process, as opposed to are simply more few).  I’m getting some good data, methinks, and I think at the end of the year I’ll throw up some stats and maybe even bust out the Excel spreadsheet and some graphs.  Graphs!

Anyway, if I needed to average 10 rejections a month, since March, this brings me there with 10 days to go.


2 responses to “Rejection #20

  • Peter M Ball

    Only 18 in my neck of the woods, largely (I hope) due to the “near misses take longer to process than obvious ones” phenomena you’re talking about.

  • Laura E. Goodin

    Hm. I haven’t gotten a rejection in a while. I’ve *got* stuff *out*, but it seems to be in limbo. On the other hand, I have three or four pieces that have slunk back home, sullen and despondent, that need to be kicked out the door again.

    — Laura

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