Good news, everyone!

Well, mayhaps I’m doing something right.  In the past week I’ve gotten word that three of my stories have progressed past the initial few hurdles and are on the last of the decisionmaking stages at their respective magazines.  That’s right, instead of instinctively recoiling in horror and wondering what the hell they’ve stepped in, the slush readers (or editors, or whomever) have decided to get a couple of second opinions.  I’m sure they’re shocked, too.  🙂

Yeah me!  Perhaps the thing that lives in my walls really is coming to the party!  Which reminds me, if you write, or paint, or dance or sculpt or sing or dream I insist that you watch this TED* video of Elizabeth Gilbert talking about a new (or old, really) way of looking at the creative process.  Honestly.  It’s 20 minutes that you’ll be glad you spent, when it’s finished.  Or, at least your daemon will be, which is all that matter…

* TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design.  It’s basically a bunch of conferences that bring together amazing people with amazing ideas.  Go to their main page if you like and see the incredible breadth of their vision.


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