19 rejections.  Head on over to Jason’s blog for some excellent writerlytips and market suggestions…


2 responses to “19

  • Justin

    I think having a rejection or submission target is a good call. Last year was my first year of subbing. I set my goal at a modest 20 submissions because I didn’t have a clue and ended up with 60. Aiming for more this year. As long as you work hard enough these goals are guaranteed to be achievable. Acceptance goals look pretty but ultimately are setting yourself up for stress. I have some but don’t really have an expectation to achieve them, just a goal to try as hard as I can to sub as many stories to the markets I want to crack as I can. Good luck! You’re bound to have some sales in those 100 subs.

  • christophergreen

    I agree completely. Here’s hoping we both have more sales than we know what to do with, soon. 🙂

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