Rocks rock

So yesterday Susan and I went to the Gemboree, which is not to be confused with Gemkana, Gem-0-Rama, or Gemtown.  It’s her birthday this week, so she got to shop and add to her “rock collection” which is currently making one of the bedrooms look like an open casting call for “2 million year old crystal matrix atop lump of something else, non-speaking role.”

So, she’s buying, I’m carrying the rocks around (until we get enough to make a trip to the car to drop them off) and people can’t shut up.  Honestly, if I hear “Got some rocks, there?” one more time Susan is going to have to get a doctor to perform a rather delicate procedure on one of these codgers to get her rock back.  All day it was, “Is carrying them your job”, and “Looks heavy.”  And when I say, “Well, they are rocks, after all,” for some reason its me that gets the glare.


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