15 rejections, now.  For those of us keeping score, that’s fifteen rejections and no sales, this year.  For those of us not keeping score, I’m keeping score for you.  🙂


6 responses to “15

  • Laura E. Goodin

    You’ll need 25 by the end of March to stay on track of your goal of 100 for 2009.

    I’m just saying, is all.

  • christophergreen

    I don’t think the math’s as easy as that, though.

    The “3 month lag” nature of a lot of acceptance/rejection notices throws calculations off for a start, but I also started this challenge at the beginning of March with only 4 rejections in 2009. That, combined with the fact that I submitted almost nothing in January and February convince me that I’m on track.

    I’m subbing approximately 2 new stories a month, as well as trying to find a home for the ones I’ve already written. I’ll get to 100, unless all of the editors decide to follow a certain magazine’s stress-inducing habit of holding my story for 341 days (and counting).

  • Jason Fischer

    I see your 15 rejections, and I raise you 22…

  • christophergreen

    Well done, Jasoni! Out of interest, how many stories do you have out in the big wide world, at the moment (counting the WOTF sub)?

  • Jason Fischer

    I’ve got eight submissions doing the rounds at the moment, I’ve typically got about 12 out at any one time but a few of the markets I like are closed at the moment.

  • christophergreen

    That’s pretty good, Jasoni. I’m impressed.

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