The last days of Clarion South’s Donation Drive

I wanted to leave this to the end of the month so we could have a little bit of a final push…

Short version:

Go here and donate money to Clarion South.  Now.  They’re trying to raise $4,000 by the end of March.

Long version:

If you give them money, Clarion South will colonize mars, solve global warming, prevent global cooling, genetically engineer a vast array of wrong things before eradicating them with a singularly designed right thing, invent FTL, save you from the Zombie Horde, etc.  And they’ll do it EVERY TWO YEARS, with something in the region of 17 different host bodies.

Honestly, are you really so arrogant as to think you can spend your money better than they can spend it?  I’m not.  I’ve given them all the money my writing career has given me, except for what I spent buying a couple of extra copies of Dreaming Again

If it weren’t for the incredible people at Clarion South, I wouldn’t dream the dreams I dream today. 

(But don’t hold that against them 🙂 )


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