Want to know my secret?  Apparently, I suck, and apparently, that fact is obvious to a slush reader, thus allowing me to get rejected in one day.

So, anyway, 11.


6 responses to “11

  • Laura E. Goodin

    My current rejection record is LESS THAN ONE HOUR. My current wait-until-acceptance-without-hearing-one-word-desipte-queries record is a year and a half. (Still waiting on the check, too, predictably.)

    — Laura

  • Peter M Ball

    Dude, one-day rejections are things to be thankful for. If you’re story is wrong for the publication, do you really went them to be thinking about it for weeks or months (or, in one case, years) on end?

    Suck it up and resubmit it.

  • christophergreen

    It’s not my first one-day rejection, by any means. I just like a couple days for my optimism to be given a chance to grow.

    I’m sucking it up, as you’ve instructed, but the purpose of this endeavour wasn’t to get 100 rejections in a row… 🙂

  • Peter M Ball

    True, but you should probably expect to get twenty or so.

  • christophergreen

    Twenty, even thirty in a row I could live with. Part of it is getting a feel for what each market really wants, so as the learning curve gets less steep, the number of rejections in a row may change too.

    You feeling better?

  • Peter M Ball

    Shoulder still hurts, but I can move it around, type and sit upright again. Overall, that qualifies as a win.

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