Australian Shadows Award

Well, good thing I went with the “I’m really pleased to be on the shortlist” speech, as opposed to the “Fuck you, I won and now I’ll bury you all in a tsunami of middle fingers and crazy dance moves” one.  🙂

Yes, Lee Battersby has won this year’s Australian Shadows Award.  It’s his second win, which gives him two statuettes, and now that he’s got his bookends I’m sure he’ll shut up shop and let us hacks have a go next year.

My story, “Lakeside”, had some nice things said about it, though, which is cool.  Go here and check out the judge’s reports on the side, and see who thought what.    I was proud of Jasoni, too, my brother in ink, and Lee’s Fighter Pilot vs. Bus Driver stuff is not only good motivation to rock it out, it’s also soon to be an award winning anime by that guy who did some other award winning anime.  Ninja Scrolls.  That’s the one.

So, just so we’re clear, please refer to this handy image as to who should and should not feel bad for me…



2 responses to “Australian Shadows Award

  • Ben Francisco

    LOL – you’re hilarious. And congrats.

    Your map reminds me of a time in college when my roommate set me up on a blind date, you know, for one of those screw-your-roommate dance things. To meet my date, I had to dress up as Evita and stand on a table in the cafeteria and sing “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.” My date then walked across the cafeteria toward me, playing the song on his tuba.

    It was an auspicious start but alas that was the best part of the date!

  • Jason Fischer

    Commiserations and salutations, still that WAS an awesome short list to make. Proud to be up there with you buddy, not a bad effort considering our new-car smell.

    That picture just about broke my funny. Solid fricken GOLD-DUST.

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