Who’s with me?

Well, Spec Fic’s taught me a lot in the two years since Clarion South.  Just yesterday Peter weighed in on the SF and Gender issue (it seems silly to call it a debate, really).


When I started out, I was even more naïve than I am now.  Why, I can still remember the look on Dan’s face when I confided to him that my goal for 2007 was to get twelve stories published.  Well, he didn’t slap me, and a lesser man would have.  I now know how silly that was, on a few levels.  My thoughts at the time went something along the lines of “I’m confident, I’ve “proven” I can write a workable story in a week, there are tons of markets out there, so how hard could it be?”  Well, apparently it’s very hard, especially if you only send in one story that year.  J


So, I have chosen to set my sights on other goals.  Peter’s also well known, at least to me, for being happy with rejection (submission wise.  Okay, that sounds wrong too, but you know what I mean…)  Now, I respect the hell out of this guy.  He’s extremely generous with his time, brainy as sin, and his stories sell because they’re friggin’ awesome.  Rejections for him are really feather in the cap stuff.  Dan too.


All this made me see how dumb it was to shoot for a given number of acceptances.  After all, my job is to write and send my stories to the appropriate markets.  I can’t control whether or not they get accepted.


So, here’s the deal, and you’re welcome to join in with me if you like.  Tomorrow is the first day of March, which leaves 10 full months of 2009.  So, here’s my challenge.


In 2009, I will get rejected 100 times.


Who’s with me?


(Thus far this year, I only have 4, but there are quite a few that should be rolling in over the course of the next couple of weeks.  It’s also even more incentive to clean up more of the stories that look at me weakly from the “almost there” pile.)


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