A Link and a Truth, but not a link to truth

To all my writer friends, I bring you the end to all plot worries! (I know the link sounds fishy, but it isn’t what it looks like…)


I was talking to my Mom about the stuff I wrote when I was a kid (or the stuff I dictated and she wrote, way back when) and it reminded me of a secret shame.  I remember, in first or second grade, when wavy letters gave way to  words strung into sentences, I wrote a story and got some praise for it.  Nothing big, just the usual teacher pat-on-the-head stuff, I’m sure, but it didn’t stop me from folding it carefully and showing it to my Mom the moment I got home.  She was smiling, and I was chatting away, filling in the details that hadn’t made into my four sentence masterpiece.

I got to the end, looked down, and realised I’d spelled my own name wrong.  Alas.  I remember feeling so much shame, and wondering what other flaws and mistakes my Mom had seen and loved me in spite of.  I think I’ll be ready for kids of my own when I can run that scene through my head and not correct that dumb little kid, however gently.

~Chirs Green, signing off.


One response to “A Link and a Truth, but not a link to truth

  • Laura E. Goodin

    When the kid isn’t oneself, it’s a lot easer not to correct them. There’s always the temptation, of course, but it’s easier to be gentle and loving with one’s child than with oneself, by several orders of magnitude.

    Why can I not be as gentle to the little girl who grew up into me as I can with my daughter? Maybe I should look at that.

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