Art, the Arts, Artists and Artistes

So there’s this conversaton the specfic world’s having, right now.  A couple of my friends have mentioned it to me, and, well, it’s gotten me thinking.  Allow me to paraphrase the issue:

Should women, who make up 51% of the world’s population, be better represented in speculative fiction?  Should the editors of anthologies, let’s say, be actively selecting their stories to ensure that this 51% is maintained between men and women?


There, that question’s solved.  Time to move on.  See, the thing is, I want to read the best fiction that’s out there.  I couldn’t care less if the author had Tab A or Slot B.  If male authors have issues with female characters and female authors have plots that are too insular, or whatever the dumb stereotype is at the moment, then that’s a weakness in that particular author’s craft, and they should address it in their writing. 

There’s no way that a strong story should miss out to a weak story, no matter who the authors are.  Ever.  The end.  Anything else is selling the genre short, and that’s the last thing we need right now.

But what do I know about art?  Some people think this guy’s a genius… See more of his work at



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