7 things I’ve overheard at work in the past 4 days

*Forgive the formatting, or lack thereof*

1.  (Upon entering the Planetarium)  When does the ride start?

2. (Pointing at the stairs to the first floor)  How do we go up the stairs?

3.  What time is the 1 o’clock lightning room show on?

4.  (Looking at an INDOOR display of solar panels, with an internal light providing power to them)  So, wait, is there a sun in there, or something?

5.  Customer:  (Pointing at the door to the toilets)  Are those the toilets?
      Me:  The toilets are in there, yes sir.
      Customer:  Are there sinks in there, too?
      Me:   …  Yes.
      Customer:  (By way of explanation)  ‘Cause I’m going to want to wash my hands, after…

6.  (In the sewage pumping station)  I wonder where they get the sewage.

7.  Customer: (Pointing to a tiny display case with ten Star Wars figures in it we’ve setup to advertise the Star Wars exhibition, which opens in June)  Is that it?
       Me:  No, sir, that’s just a display case to let people know Star Wars is on the way.
       Customer:  Good!  There’s no way I’d pay $18 dollars for that!
       Me:  We wouldn’t expect you to, sir.
       Customer:  So, is it the old one, or the new one?
       Me:  Pardon?
      Customer:  You know, is it the bald guy, or the other one.  Captain Kirk.
      Me:  (Pointing out the unmasked Vader figure in the case)  The bald guy.

And trust me, I’ve been doing this job for a while.  These people are not kidding.  not even a little.


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