My Writing Cave

Okay, I’m (re)writing* all day and, suffice it to say, the outside world is bright and loud and makes my eyes blurry.  I am frequently scowling at people who dare to walk in the sun and walk to the shops, at least I would be if I could see them, which I can’t, because my writing cave comes complete with blinds I’ve pulled down as far as they’ll go.  Still, fun to finish off so many stories I’ve let sit at 90% for so long.

*(re)writing consists of Murder She Wrote, World of Warcraft, sitting and staring at the dogs, averting my gaze, and staring at them again, then trying to harnass the power of tail wags, watching Obama’s speech eight times from start to finish, rewriting, showering, checking my email, checking my work email, telling telemarketers they’ve screwed up and dialled America, hence the accent, hating Deathproof and not so much hating Planet Terror, dreaming of next week when I can start on a new novel, dreading next week because I can’t talk myself out of making it a zombie novel, and writing this post…


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