On the Wonderful lack of Silence

I will freely admit that I like noise.  Hey, I work in a Science Museum aimed at 8 year-old kids, for a start, so it goes with the territory.  But when I write, it’s music that fills the background.  If that’s not an option, then it’s TV.  However, I can’t listen to anything new.  No new CDs, for instance, and no new shows, no matter how crap they are.  Nope.  It has to be re-runs, or music I’ve ground down into my soul.  I guess on some level I’m always scanning the background noise, and the familiar stuff lets that part of me turn off, for a little.

Anyway, barking dogs and Counting Crows and re-reruns of Property Ladder combine to an awful sort of peace.  I’m sure I’ll be laying on a couch someday telling someone else this, so you should feel privileged…


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