On the Press of the Voyager

Well, seeing as how there’s a link here from Voyager, I should do the sociable thing and rant about something, I guess.

I miss Clarion.  Oh, how I was obsessed with it, a couple of years ago, when I found out I’d been accepted.  I poured through every blog I could find(most of which were for Clarions other than South, but I still committed them to memory), I worked out where the Nathan Campus was on a map, I turned up the heating, burnt all my furniture, and ran all the taps in the house to try and acclimatize to the heat and humidity before I went, etc.

And it was awesome.  Like drop-dead, this-is-heaven, I’m-never-leaving-no-matter-what awesome.  And now that Clarion South’s come around for a fresh batch of Clarionites, I am so friggin’ jealous.  Have fun if you’re going, but be warned, telling me that you are will just make me want to wear your face and talk in an odd falsetto and go to Clarion on your “behalf” for as I can until the authorities catch up with me…

Have fun!


3 responses to “On the Press of the Voyager

  • Liz Adkins

    Hi Chris, after I left MV for Tasmania’s sunny shores I’d been wondering how you were going post-Clarion. 🙂 Just as well that I’m too far away for any actual face-stealing and Liz-impersonation! And no, I won’t be telling you where I live until AFTER the workshop…

  • Jason Fischer

    How I feel your pain! The envy is strong in this one, yes? We could both go, if we get into a pony costume with a real person’s skin stretched over the snout.

    Stamp once for ditto
    Stamp twice for antiditto

  • christophergreen

    I’ve been wondering where you wandered off to. How’s Tasmania? You can keep your face, so long as you have fun and say Hi to Kate and Rob and Rob and Heather and Kelly and Gavin and Margo and Jack! Oh, and the owl and the goanna and the crazy birds who attack you by kicking sticks and gravel in your general direction…

    I’m jealous. Let’s swap stories/anecdotes/notes when you come back up for air, huh?

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