On Planning without a Plan

So I don’t like outlines, I don’t believe you make your characters do what you ask them, even if you ask them nicely, and I don’t believe in “forcing it”.  If it isn’t happening, at least for me, no amount of staring at the monitor is going to make it happen.  I have decided, however, that this writing gig should be equal parts work and fun, so whatever I write next is going to be fun.  Fun as hell.  Fun as the slip-and-slides back when it rained enough for the old people to shut up about the lack of rain.

Watch out, world.  Whatever I write next is going to make me smile inside, or I ain’t writing it…


3 responses to “On Planning without a Plan

  • Jess

    I’m a fan of outlines, but fun sounds like fun…

  • christophergreen

    I’ve seen the results of your outlines, so I’m not going to knock them. I love what you do with them, and, for the record, that brain-bubble association thing you showed us on the last day of clarion doesn’t count as an outline, to me. (That way I can still happily use it and not go against my “no outline” stance.)

  • Jason Fischer

    Oh man, how I agree. Revision and redrafting is boring as hell….but I must learn it, I MUST. Go with the fun dude!

    your next story must contain

    a) a muscle-car
    b) a discus
    c) vengeance

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