On crits and inverse formulas

The longer a story is, the shorter my crits are.  Honestly, I’ve read huge don’t-put-that-on-the-top-shelf-or-you’ll-kill-the-librarian-when-she-tries-to-get-it-back-down novels and had critiques that went along the lines of “Meh.”  It’s all there, really, but if you didn’t like where it was going or how it got there, what are you going to do, tell the author that it started going downhill on page 37 and quickly turned into a 300 page cure for insomnia?  “Rewrite the damn thing” is not a crit I want to give.

However, give me something short, say, less than 3,000 words, and more often than not, I’ll blather about lights and symbolism and what type of virgin a unicorn would be interested in and if the place where one sidewalk slab meets another is intended, indeed, if it is a part of the design, is it really a “crack”?

I guess the lesson is the best way to shut me up is to write a lot.  Which is what I should be doing now, and, probably, so should you.


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